The Adplotter

JB Internet Holdings have created a groundbreaking new online program, the Adplotter. JB are a Texas based technology company, with over 12 years experience as specialists in online marketing and e-commerce, products, services and solutions.

The Ad-Plotters key function is to save you immense amounts of Time in listing your online classified ads.

Cloud based high technology Software will take your online classified ad listing of an item and then place that single ad on hundreds of other free listing sites. Each month, the team of Ad plotter developers will add additional sites to our listing engine. The result of this will be to multiply and hugely increase the programs reach. This program will ensure the best possible classified ad exposure to your desired target audience and will offer the best chance possible for your potential clients to see your product or service online.

Adplotter Features -

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Ebay inventory management tools!
Amazon inventory management tools!

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