AdplotterJB Internet Holdings have created a groundbreaking new online program, the Adplotter. JB are a Texas based technology company, with over 12 years experience as specialists in online marketing and e-commerce, products, services and solutions.

The Ad-Plotters key function is to save you immense amounts of time in listing your online classified ads. 

Cloud based high technology Software will take your online classified ad listing of an item and then place that single ad on hundreds of other free listing sites. Each month, the team of Ad plotter developers will add additional sites to our listing engine. The result of this will be to multiply and hugely increase the programs reach. This program will ensure the best possible classified ad exposure to your desired target audience and will offer the best chance possible for your potential clients to see your product or service online.

Adplotter Features -

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The AdPlotter now has:
 Ebay inventory management tools!
 Amazon inventory management tools!

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News and snippets

Adplotter has announced a joint venture with Geodesic Solutions.

Adplotter Geodisic joint ventureIt was announced a few weeks ago that Adplotter, the creators of the groundbreaking ad posting technology, has formed a joint venture with Geodesic Solutions, the creators of the innovative and very popular high tech classified ad technology software, known as GeoCore.

There is now a huge rise of consumers who are using new programs and technology to make their life easier in finding the items they seek online. E-commerce is now a multi billion dollar industry (more than 200 Billion USD) and is now expected to increase by more than 15% per year. The extremely fast growth in smart digital mobile technology, including smartphones and tablets, coupled with media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.,  has enabled consumers to have previously unavailable, highly effective methods of buying and selling globally. This Adplotter and GeoCore is therefore most timely and will ensure a level playing field for online traders.

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Geodesic Solutions, with its well known highly reliable GeoCore technology product, has offered the advertising industry standard in classified advertising software since 2001. Their clients have gone on to produce some of the Worlds most effective and best functioning Classified sites. Now, they have teamed with Adplotter, this strength can only be enhanced. Classified ad sites that have been integrated into the Adplotter & GeoCore network will receive instant live coverage when a seller uploads their item through the Adplotter engine. Thi will now make it much easier for new classified site owners to launch their website with immediate assistance. Traffic and listing can be there from day one, instead of having to endure the usual start up delay and pain of building this type of content and site visitor activity from scratch. Clients will have immediate high quality live listings placed directly on their site. These will all be already approved by the seller to be placed on the ever growing network.

Consumers around the world are seeing the huge success of Amazon, Ebay and Craigslist, and are now inspired and more than ever aware of the massive income potential of owning and operating their own classified site. The Adplotter / Geodesic joint venture, will ensure that this process can now be within their reach, quickly and effectively.

gift cards sell them with adplotter
Gift card sales have now exceeded $100 Billion Dollars per year.

This staggering figure is made even more incredible by the fact that consumers spend on average more than 20% than the actual value of the gift card!

Sales of Online gift card sales are growing by 30% annualy with a very high percentage of gift cards purchased online from multiple gift card specialist web sites.

You can enter this lucrative market easily by selling your own gift cards with Adplotter





Sell your bikes with adplotter

Over 3.5 Million bicycles were sold in the UK in 2014.

These include bikes for road, mountain, children bikes, and now even hybrid bikes are on the increase, used commonly by young and old. 

Plus the sales of Bicycle accessories is also on the increase.

You can easily sell your bike with Adplotter




Adplotter Launches PetPlotter - helping you to quickly recover your lost or stolen pets

Adplotter Goes to the Dogs (and Cats) with Launch of PerPlotterAdplotter, a high technology platform for online selling and classified ad listing, is now coming to the rescue in the animal kingdom.

PetPlotter, a no cost site that lets users post information about their missing pets to hundreds of sites with just a few clicks of a button.

According to recent published data, over 10 million pets are reported lost or stolen every single year.

The number of lost and stolen animals is on the increase and it is now even harder to recover them.
Sometimes we use methods such as microchipping, posters or even offer rewards, but very often, even these methods do not work.

So what exactly is PetPlotter?

PetPlotter will create a dedicated place, where you can post information, including pictures of your lost or stolen pets.
With our unique Adplotter listing software it will then automatically post your lost pets details to hundreds of sites at zero cost. PetPlotter will notify thousands of people about your lost pet with just one click.”

You can find out more about PetPlotter here.

Inventory Management

We have integrated an Ebay, Amazon, Craigslist Inventory tool for Adplotter that gives a distinct edge over any competition. You can now consolidate your Inventory from these major sites and manage your products from one centralized location!

Put an end to the tedious visiting of every classified ad site and then laboriously uploading the same ad over and over again
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